About NSL
Immersive Sound Studio

Next Sound Lab is an experimentation, creation, and sound production studio.

Our Philosophy

Listening and sharing are the basis of our work because each film and each experience is unique. Through our sound creations, we want to arouse curiosities, spark the imagination, and live an original experience. For this, we place stories and people at the heart of our studio project.

Our Services

Whatever the mood,

we can create it.

Audio Strategy
We support screenwriters, directors and brands during the writing of their project. We think together about the sound intentions and the staging to design immersive and impactful scenarios.
Audio Recording
Sound recording is the basis of a quality soundtrack. Ambisonics, binaural, surround… for each situation we choose the most suitable sound recording technique.
Sound Design & Foley
Fx, sound effects, atmospheres, we create immersive sound scenes, at the service of narration. We record our sounds or choose them from our sound libraries. Then we transform them, add effects to them.
Music Composition
Electronique, acoustique, orchestrale, nous composons et enregistrons la musique de vos projets. Nous effectuons ensuite le mixage et le mastering à Next Sound Lab.
Audio Mixing
Whether it is broadcast on television, on the web, in a virtual reality headset or in the cinema, we manufacture our masters according to professional broadcast standards.
Audio Implementation
We implement the sounds in video game engines using middelware (Wwise or Fmod). We thus define the behavior of sound sources: triggering, looping, filtering, spatialization in 3D space…
Our Team Members

We are a collaborative studio with complementary profiles

We build our soundtracks by focusing on the user’s feeling, in order to guide him in his experience and his emotions.

What do we do?

We support artists, directors, producers, or audiovisual agencies throughout their projects: writing advice, audio production management, sound recording, sound design, music, integration, mixing.

Why working with Next Sound Lab?

We are dedicated and passionate about our craft and we love collaborating with amazing talents!

Our Clients

We develop gorgeous, memorable projects for our customers.